A Virus ??

To the best we can conclude, it’s a virus (as I suspected). Biopsy results returned negative for rejection today and cultures for all known viruses are also still negative… so we’re left with a probable unidentifiable viral infection – hopefully it’s not the bad one, but it’s certainly shaping up to look like it could be :(.

Dumping continues & even, arguably, worsened last night. Emerson lost an IV this afternoon and received a series of 4 shots to prevent tissue death around the infiltrated fluids (not fun). They placed another IV to leave her with 2 going into the weekend – there’s a limit to how much you can run through 1 IV & her needs are big and growing… we’re hoping that 2 IVs will allow us more options over the next several days. We’re running (very) low on peripheral IV sites & are hoping these 2 will get her through the weekend. Prayers that Emerson can avoid surgical intervention for a more permanent line would be much appreciated!


Labs weren’t great this morning, as this infection continues to take hold. The team ordered PPN (partial parenteral nutrition) to start tonight. PPN won’t give her everything she needs, but it can be administered through a peripheral IV & it will hopefully buy us enough time for her gut to recover a little. We’re hoping for a quiet weekend & will re-evaluate things on Monday.

I’ve decided to channel my inner Elsa & “let it go” for a few days… I can still salvage Thanksgiving as long as we’re out of here in the next 7-10 days. Fingers (& toes) crossed!

5 thoughts on “A Virus ??

  1. Prayers for sweet Eme and you as well! I am constantly thinking of you and your family!

  2. Prayers and hugs and love . Hope no other lines required , and the dumping lessens . Thinking of you all x

  3. Praying for a speedy recovery from this virus and that the iv’s hold up. You’re stronger than this virus Eme! ❤

  4. I will be praying for the avoidance of surgery for a line and for what they have done so far will allow her gut heal through the weekend. I also hope they may be able to discover the “mystery” virus. Thank goodness she is in such a good hospital! Be sure you do “let it go” so YOU can get some rest. Thank you so much for posting. Prayers and thoughts…..

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