IVs, Potassium, & Anxiety

IVs = problematic / Potassium = low / Anxiety = high. Ugh!

Those 2 IVs we were hoping would get us through the weekend? 1 is gone & the other is barely viable. Emerson received yet another round of (this time) 5 shots to treat infiltrated potassium in the tissue around a bad IV this afternoon. And… with, literally, no sites left above her abdomen, she now has a new IV in her foot. And that may be the very last peripheral IV they’ll be able to place. I can’t imagine the other one will last through the night and, if it follows suit with all others, the one in her foot will be gone tomorrow. I have no idea what we’ll do then… She has very small & weak peripheral veins and the medications she’s requiring now are very hard on them – if we can really pull this off with peripheral IVs it will be a feat!

All Eme’s electrolytes are low and potassium levels now are presenting a problem. She’s been receiving continual boluses of IV & enteral potassium replacements, but her numbers continue to drop. Potassium is a critical element in our blood and low levels can be very dangerous. High levels can be equally as dangerous, so they’re making sure to not over-correct… no matter how much we put in, though, she doesn’t seem to respond. They are watching it closely.

Finally, while electrolyte levels are low… Eme’s anxiety levels are HIGH! She’s picking again and has completely removed several toenails and is working on her fingernails too. Yuck!!

It was busy here today, but we squeezed in some snuggle time to watch a Christmas movie this afternoon :). There’s cold weather on the way and the season is upon us – only 6 ½ weeks to go! Sooooooo hard to believe!!

5 thoughts on “IVs, Potassium, & Anxiety

  1. Erika,

    Walking the walk with you. Prayers and blessings.

    With lots of love,

    Anne Dennon

  2. Erika,

    I am so sorry to hear that Emerson is ill. I know how hard this in on your family. We will keep an eye on Bradley and I will be praying for your family. Your walk through each step of this journey has been truly amazing and God has shown His love over and over. Her life is a miracle and my prayer is that God will heal her again! My heart is with you!!

  3. Erika,

    Keeping Emerson and you close to my heart. Stay strong. Your daughter is a fighter!!

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