Out & Resting

She’s out and resting comfortably. The plan now includes potassium, antibiotics, TPN, and cardiac telemetry.

Thank you so much for all your thoughts & prayers. I’m hopeful for a quiet evening… tomorrow’s a new day.

9 thoughts on “Out & Resting

  1. Yay! Hope everything will turn out more better so you girls can go home before Thanksgiving day starts.

  2. Peaceful sleep for both of you and sunshine when you awaken in the morning!

  3. I like the sound of out and a restful night. Praying you each get much needed rest Love and Prayers, Cindy

  4. Thank you for posting. So happy so far so good. Hope both of you get some sleep tonight…you have to be exhausted. Yes, tomorrow is a new day! Thoughts and prayers….

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