Heading to the OR

Emerson’s blood potassium continues to fall and is critically low this morning. She lost both peripheral IVs overnight. She received 5 more shots to prevent tissue death around a bad IV this morning & will be getting 5 more here soon – that brings the total count to 19 shots in the past 24 hours (& that’s in addition to IV pokes and scheduled med injections). Nurses were able to get a very small IV in a very small vein for dextrose to keep her blood sugars up. She has no access to treat the low potassium.

She’s going down to the OR ASAP for central line placement. We’re between a rock and a hard place now, because her potassium level is too low for the anesthesia necessary to place the line… she needs the line, though, to get the potassium. Doctors are talking while I type.

No one here takes line placement lightly for Eme – yesterday the sentiment was “no way”, this morning it was “no choice”. History would prepare us for a domino chain of events now including infection and septic shock. I’m hopeful it won’t happen and am trying to stay focused on the here & now… one day, one hour at a time.

In addition to low potassium, Eme’s white count jumped over night & she’s developed an infection in the remaining nail bed of a toenail she picked off yesterday. It looks pretty nasty. They’re planning to remove that nail bed and will attempt to clean out the infection while she’s under this morning.

A little prayer would be appreciated… Nurse just got off the phone, she’s going now! I’ll update again this afternoon.

15 thoughts on “Heading to the OR

  1. strong, heart felt prayers. Emerson has also been in a friends prayer chain in Scotland, and I’ll let her know to amp up the efforts.

  2. I am praying for Emerson, you and your family! Praying for wisdom and courage for her medical teams and staff. May God strengthen Eme through this battle. May God grant each of you peace.
    Love, Cindy

  3. My heart is breaking for you guys! I have kept up with you and Emerson since she was maybe two or three. I am praying for you with all that I have! She has come so far and is a good little fighter. Praying for the doctors and nursing staff too! As it has been so many times before it is in God’s hands.

  4. Sending lots of prayers that the surgery is a success and that all future infections are kept at bay

  5. Busy days for you. We pray many times a day for our Lord to bring healing, comfort, guidance….and most of all His love to all of you! Blessings on the journey!!!

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