Post Surgery

Emerson is out of surgery & settling into a room in the PICU. She is awake and breathing on her own, but in a lot of pain. They gave her lots of Fentanyl in recovery and she’s getting her second dose of Dilaudid and a fluid bolus now. I think it’s all to be expected, but is still difficult to watch.

She keeps asking, “Why? Why did they have to take my kidney out?” I tell her they did it to make her better. Through tears she replies, “but I was much better with it in”. Oh sweet girl, this will pass. I promise.

Upon review of the nuclear scan and lengthy discussions with Nephrology yesterday, it was determined that one of Emerson’s transplanted kidneys is not functioning well. As such, it was deemed too risky to remove both her native kidneys and only her right one was removed today.

Thank you so much for your prayers – they were felt. Prayers, now, for a restful night would be appreciated…

7 thoughts on “Post Surgery

  1. Erika, Thank you for making it possible for those of us not on Facebook to keep in touch and know what is happening. I was so sad to get the emails yesterday….I had been envisioning you and the family on the Alaskan cruise and so hoping that everything was going really well. You and Emerson and your entire family are very much in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for a restful night tonight for both of you and that she’ll recover from this quickly so you can come home to your boys. Take heart in knowing that so many people love you and are praying for you both.

    Lindy Gerard Bella Casa 155 2nd Street Monument, CO 80132


  2. Many prayers!!! Both of you hang tough as better times ahead and you are both remarkable.

  3. Bless Em Lord with pain and fluid balance and rest. Give Grace and strength to Erika. Comfort all the family in Jesus’ name.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. First of all, thank you so very much for keeping everyone informed as to what was happening today. Must be difficult when there is so much going on. But, oh, I am so relived and thankful Emerson got through the surgery. It did break my heart reading the questions she asked you. Dear, dear, sweet girl. But just knowing she was able to ask those questions is a good sign, I think! Many, many prayers for your strength and her healing. Know you are in my thoughts…..

  5. Little Eme has so many prayers coming her way. She smiles through her pain and is just a very precious little girl. I hope you both rest well tonight and God Bless and keep you, Eme and the family left behind in CO. in his loving care.

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