Managing Pain

Managing pain has been the name of the game… all through the night & continuing on today. Emerson was waking up and requiring Dilaudid every 2 hours over night & was started on a PCA Dilaudid pump today. She is able to press a button for delivery of the pain medication as she needs it – she pressed it 46 times in the past 2 hours. The pump didn’t deliver her 46 doses, mind you – it’s controlled & will not deliver medication above a safe, maximum dose. Thank goodness. Bottom line, though, she’s in pain. She said it hurts worse today, even, than yesterday 😦

The incision looks good, though, and there are no current concerns for post-surgical complications. Her urine output has been robust (not good), but she’s holding her electrolytes (very good & a big victory if it continues). There have been no changes to the large amount of potassium she’s receiving, but she’s not required any additional boluses since the kidney was removed. It is still early and will take a while for everything to shake out, but all are encouraged.

We’re hoping, now, for a quiet weekend with sleep… we’re both exhausted. Thanks so much for checking in.

5 thoughts on “Managing Pain

  1. Praying for a quiet weekend with healing and rest. God bless you. Kirsten

  2. Nice report….Poor Em in pain tho…hope the two of you are granted a quiet and peaceful few days.

  3. Praying Emerson’s pain is soon managed and she will be more comfortable to rest and heal. God Bless

  4. It brings tears to my eyes to read of Eme’s pain. I pray and hope everyday the pain will lessen. And, of course I am hoping BOTH of you can get some sleep/rest this weekend. I just got back tonight from Littleton for a visit to my Dad, where Emerson has been put on another prayer list. My thoughts are with you this weekend…..

  5. This is just another hill to climb and with your faith you wull get to the finish line to. Home

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