A Healing Day

Emerson clearly has a powerful chain of prayer warriors by her side…

After a day spent tweaking meds, they finally found the right “cocktail” last night and Emerson finally found some relief. She slept peacefully through the night and is awake and more comfortable this morning. She continues to have pain, but it is bearable with the new regime and labs are (mostly) trending in the right direction. She’ll get an albumin bolus this morning, and otherwise the plan for today is to leave things alone & give her body a day to rest and recover.

Hopefully today will be a healing day 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Healing Day

  1. Oh, what a good post! I am so happy the pain has abated enough to be bearable (of course easy for me to say!), and things are going in the right direction. Here’s to a day of rest, with no surprises…. Prayers, of course!

  2. Bless that little angel and her family. I pray ever night for your family.

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