Day 2 Post-Op

Emerson slept a few hours last night, but relief has been hard to find. Nurses have been staying on top of pain med boluses every 2 hours and Eme’s been pushing her button for more as often as she can – every 15 minutes. They gave her a double bolus this morning… enough to knock me out for 12 hours I was told, but Eme never even closed her eyes. She just cried & asked for more. Her white count (marker for infection) is elevated this morning and she has sharp pain in her abdomen, apart from the incision site. The surgeon came through and ordered another medication to add on top of the Dilaudid. She said she’d check back in this afternoon. She is concerned, but wants to give it a little more time – it was a big surgery. I’m not feeling so good about things this morning.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 Post-Op

  1. Fingers and toes are crossed, prayers are being send, hugs mailed virtually along with loads of positive thoughts that Eme’s white cell count isn’t rising, she is becoming more comfortable, and she’s on the path to healing. Hoping each of you can get some quality rest. Hugs

  2. Erika, It’s so hard to read about that sweet little girl going through so much pain and and suffering and I know its so much more difficult for you to be right there watching her. I hope and pray that things will ease, that the infection will clear and that she ( and you!) will be able to rest.

    Lindy Gerard Bella Casa 155 2nd Street Monument, CO 80132


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