It’s been a long & difficult admission (as they all are these days) and it hit last weekend like a ton of bricks. I woke up Saturday feeling a little “off” & by Sunday was barely able to get out of bed. Ugh! Emerson’s NP checked me over on Monday & prescribed an antibiotic, along with high-dose ibuprofen to reduce swelling in my throat… 48 hours later & I’m feeling much better. Not great, but much better. Thank goodness! There are few things harder than living in a hospital with your sick child. Living in a hospital with your sick child when you’re also sick, though, makes the short list.

Emerson’s run of good potassium levels post surgery has run out, sadly. Her levels have been low (again) for several mornings now & she’s been requiring a bolus everyday. The team has slowly been increasing potassium in her IV fluids, without much improvement overall. We have a very good standing history with Emerson, though, & we have a pretty good idea what her body will (& will not) do. In all, she’s not where we’d hoped to be at discharge… but that’s what we’re doing today – boarding a plane home to Colorado. It’s time to go home.

The team will increase potassium again this evening & we’ll get labs from home tomorrow morning. We’ll be back sometime this fall. For now, though, we’re going home 🙂

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Praying for safe travels and quality time at home. God bless you all,


  2. Safe travels. Hoping the healing powers of being home surrounded by family will have you and Emerson bouncing around quickly and enjoying Summer. Hugs

  3. Sooooo happy to hear both of you are going home! But, I am sorry to hear how ill you have been; not fair. The best medicine will be going home today with your darling daughter. Oh, I am glad you are headed to Colorado! My prayers and thoughts for a good trip with little or no complications….only greeting arms from your friends and family welcoming you home!

  4. Thank you, Lord for home! I pray it is the healing balm Em and you need. Continued prayers for balance and recovery.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  5. Erika, you’re one strong woman, stronger than any I have ever met!!! I will be praying for you to be encouraged and hopefull!!! Give my love to beautiful Eme! I will be praying for her pain to be controlled and her joyful spirit to be strong and ever present!!! All my love!

  6. So Happy you’ll were able to go home . It will be wonderful to be as a whole Family again. Prayers that you & Eme do well and get to feeling stronger. Enjoy the beauty of . God Bless Your Home. & All your Family !!

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