A Royal Celebration!

9 years ago today this crazy journey began. I remember the details of it vividly – some days it feels like yesterday… other days it feels like a lifetime ago. And while I remember that day well, somehow all the many days in between have faded into distant memory & become a blur. Funny how the mind works, it conveniently ‘forgets’ to protect us. My mind is doing exactly what my soul (& sanity) needs! Two things I will never forget, though, are the two young children whose lives were cut far too short & the two strong and courageous families who, in their most difficult hours, chose to give another hope. It is because of them that Emerson woke this morning to celebrate another birthday. It is because of them that our family is whole.

We have many exciting things planned for what is becoming a lengthy & royal birthday celebration! It kicks off today with a Frozen party at home – just the family, but complete with lots of decorations, presents, dinner of choice, & cake. Then Collin (who is a high school junior, playing ice hockey & boarding full-time at a school about an hour south of us) & his roommate are coming tomorrow for a second round of presents & cake. Grandma comes next week for another birthday celebration. And it all culminates with the grand finale – a (girl’s only) Disney cruise! Eme, my mom & I are flying to Orlando the week after next, spending a day at Epcot, then boarding the Disney Fantasy for a fun-filled week in the Caribbean… exactly 2 weeks from today. The trip will include yet another birthday celebration, a princess tea party, & much more – a royal party indeed!

Happy 9th Birthday sweet princess. Many never thought this day would come, but deep inside I always knew. You are the strongest little girl & your spirit outshines us all. I pray the year ahead will bring much laughter, few tears, more good days, & less pain. May your friends always see through to your beautiful heart & may your puppy behave so she can spend more time inside with you! Most of all, may you always know that you are loved. And that I will be with you forever, no matter what tomorrow brings. Pinky promise… forever and ever…

I promise to share pictures soon. For now, though, we’re in pjs with messy bed hair & hopping in the shower to get this party started!

10 thoughts on “A Royal Celebration!

  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying this special celebration! Happy birthday Eme and many more!

  2. No young princess has ever been more deserving of this amazing birthday celebration and Disney cruise! Wishing each of you enough merriment and laughter to bring tears of joy throughout all of the celebrating. Princess Eme — hold court over your royal subjects with your tremendous love and determination, and enjoy being celebrated. Hugs and Happy Birthday, Emerson!

  3. Soooooo good to hear from you! Your family is always on my mind. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear, sweet Emerson! Wow, nine years old! What fun you are having this weekend, and what wonderful days to look forward to! You, your mom and grandma are going to have so much fun on the cruise! What a beautiful trio of ladies:) All three of you are so very special. Have fun tomorrow with your brothers, too! Many hugs and prayers….Annette

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