In ‘there’s no way, that can’t be’ news – Emerson has been complaining of persistent pain in her left ankle & the team ordered an x-ray. On top of multiple compression fractures in her spine, she also has multiple fractures in her heel and ankle. She received a custom back brace for her spine today & ortho consulted on her foot/ankle – for now they ordered her a boot and tomorrow we’ll discuss if it needs to be casted.

I’m still hoping to discharge this weekend or early next week… but will be taking home a very broken little girl šŸ˜¦

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  1. Oh, you are right…can this be real???? But they will address it just as the back brace. Again, at least they have discovered it. So hoping there will be a trip home this weekend…or least early week! Thinking positive!!!
    Annette W

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