Emerson’s crisis continues, but the team has a handle on her needs and they’ve stabilized her. She remains on lots of support, requiring drips for her heart & kidney function and lots of electrolyte replacements, and her urine output remains very high. Not much has changed there. The team has had time to digest her unique presentation, though, gather input from specialists, and devise a plan that, for now, is addressing her needs.

There’s been discussion about attempting to remove Emerson’s breathing tube later in the week. After successfully drying herself out over the past day and a half (25 liters/25,000 mls of urine output… and she weighs only 68 pounds… crazy!), we’re hoping a window has opened up for successful extubation. Her chest x-ray still shows some areas of concern, but we’re moving forward with vent adjustments to see what she can do. Each day on the vent carries with it an increased risk for ventilator-assisted pneumonia – a complication we cannot afford right now.

Overall, things today are quieter and better controlled; a welcome change from the chaos of yesterday. Throw it on top of zero sleep and it was a rough day. Emerson still has a lot of hoops to jump through, but with stability comes time. I can only hope and pray that nothing else is lurking around the corner…


5 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. We all join you in that prayer. Your little rock star has got this…..’cause God is keeping close watch!!!

  2. Better controlled sounds good. I just hope tonight you can get some sleep; how tired and weary you must be. I also hope an excuvation can be done in the next few days. I know what a concern that is. Also praying for no lurking surprises. Thank you for the update.
    Thoughts, hope, and prayers…. For all of you.

  3. Erika,
    So glad to hear that things seem to be improving, at least a little. I hope you’ve been able to get some rest and that today will be a turning point for the better. I know you have so much going on with the boys right now too so I’m hoping there’s big improvement so you two can get home to the rest of the family. Take care…. I’m sure thinking about you.

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