I so appreciate all your support and don’t want to leave you without a quick update. Emerson has had a critical and very difficult 24 hours. They’ve identified e-coli in her blood cultures in addition to Klebsiella and co-ag negative staph. Antibiotics are, by all accounts, treating the infection; but managing her organ system fallout from it, now, is proving to be a significant challenge.

Infection isn’t necessarily Emerson’s biggest threat. ID doctors are very good at finding drugs (or a combination of drugs) to treat just about anything. It’s recovering from the hit of infection that may ultimately prove to be insurmountable for her.

Eme remains intubated this evening on many med drips – some maintaining different organ functions, others treating critical electrolyte imbalances. The PICU doctor is pretty confident she’s developed cerebral salt wasting syndrome on top of DI. Together, & despite many drugs to prevent it, she had over 10 liters of urine output today. The consequence of that has been overwhelming and very difficult to manage. Her eyes are dark and sunken, but her little body is still puffy and retaining fluid.

I was expecting a crisis but never could have anticipated the vengeance with which it would arrive. Many many people have been involved and I’m thankful for a caring and compassionate staff that has also been caring for me; although my only focus, now, is on her…

7 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. 😢 I want to respond but I don’t know what to say….. thank you for sharing the update….I’m glad to hear that you both are surrounded by caring people who are doing their best to help!! And I’m so sad for Eme and your family going through this crisis!!!!

  2. I am so sorry to hear how difficult the last 24 hours have been. I was so hoping to read about improvement. I am thankful the staff, etc., has been so nice and caring. You need all the support possible….
    My prayers continue. Today is a new day, and we all wish for it to be better. Thank you for the update….

  3. My prayers will continue and that like the others we will see improvement sooner than later. God Bless Em and your family.

  4. That’s such sad news to read this morning Erika. I had been hoping and praying that things would be turning in the opposite direction for Emerson. Thank you for the update. Thoughts and many prayers for you both.

  5. Erika,

    Are you in CO or NE? What do you need? A driver for your other kids? Meals? Laundry service?

    Your dear, sweet girl is unbelievably lucky to have you at her side. She is so loved.

    It sounds as if the “A Team” is on Eme’s case. I pray they can find that delicate balance needed to heal her AND protect her. She brings incredible light to this world.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything we can do to support YOU while you support your darling daughter. 💗

  6. Prayers for Eme and your family. Also, prayers for all the Doctor’s and nurses taking care of Eme. May God lead them in the right direction.

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