Emerson failed another breathing trial overnight. She pushed through one this morning, though, & successfully extubated to c-pap late this afternoon. The vent remains in the room to “ward off evil spirits”, but all indications are that she’s good!

There was thought that Eme may have been displaying moments of psychosis in the past several days, & once the tube was removed, that thought was undeniably confirmed. She doesn’t know where she is, she doesn’t recognize me, she sees and hears her brothers (who aren’t here)… and much more. She’s been sleeping since extubation, but startles periodically to pop up in bed and say very bizarre things. The team promptly consulted Psych, who started meds and will see her in the morning.

Otherwise, Eme remains in a DI crisis – on ICU drips and electrolyte replacements to manage exceedingly high urine output. The daily fluid shifting in her face is impossible to ignore; her eyes are puffy one day & sunken the next, puffy the next day, then sunken by night. Her body is less variable, though, as fluid has seeped into her tissues and she looks bloated throughout. It’s a difficult disease to manage and this crisis hit Emerson especially hard. There’s no telling when things will turn around; we can only support her now and wait.

5 thoughts on “Friday

  1. How unimaginably difficult for you, your family, Eme, the medical staff, everyone loving and caring. I am praying for each of you constantly. I love you! Eme is so very loved!

    • I am thinking of you all daily. I eagerly await your posts. Thank you for the news even though it’s good and bad . I myself have witnessed a few medical miracles. I think the staff and Physicians are amazing. Then there are the respiratory staff , and cleaning folks. Everyone does their part . But no one more than Em and you. Stay strong

  2. That is good news that Eme’s extubation finally was able to happen. Poor Eme with the psychosis episodes. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a help for that. I am also hoping and praying, as everyone is, that the fluid situation can be helped, and there is improvement. I am thinking positive thoughts for all of you….. Thank you for posting.

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