Sunday evening

Plans for removing Emerson’s breathing tube have been pushed back. She continues to ride the vent, and attempts to stimulate her today were unsuccessful. All further trials have been suspended and everything will be re-evaluated tomorrow morning. We’re focused now on keeping her comfortable overnight on the vent.

The second organism growing has been identified as a coag-negative staph – it’s a fairly “wimpy” bug, all things considered, & is unlikely to be causing her symptoms. What she is fighting is Klebsiella sepsis and it’s initial hit, septic shock.

Eme’s kidney function decreased throughout the day and managing her fluid status has now become a primary concern. As fluid accumulates in her body, the likelihood of a successful extubation decreases. They’re changing meds around – stopping home meds & starting a drip – in hopes they can increase her urine output. Unfortunately more “standard” methods of diuresing are not options due to her underlying diagnosis of DI.

Thank you so much for your kind & supportive comments. I feel like we’ve been thrown back into a firestorm, and each one reminds me we are not here alone. Thank you 🙂

10 thoughts on “Sunday evening

  1. Prayers that her urine output increases, relieving her kidneys and that her tired little body finds a way to fight off its nemesis… Ventilators are life-saving, but I know they get scary after a certain point. Come on, lungs! Thinking of you all… 💙

  2. Included Eme’s name today on the prayer list at the church service. With you in thought – you are not alone. Love, Anne

  3. I understand that you must feel so alone, but all of us out here in the cyber world who have never met you, feel as though you are part of our extended family and as such, our thoughts, prayers and concerns are on heightened alert. Thank-you for taking the time to update us!!!

  4. We’ve been with you since after the 1st transplant and are grateful that you are sharing with us again. Your family has been a part of ours for so long, even though we’ve never met. It has been so long since we heard from you, it was like a void. I wish the “void” had been filled by good news, though. Please know we are here praying for your family and all the medical personnel involved.

  5. Prayers for a calm evening……and a better tomorrow. Dear sweet, Eme, we know you will fight this…..

    Thinking of all of you…..

  6. Thinking about you Erika and Eme. She’s a beautiful, tough little fighter and you are an amazing advocate. I hope you can both rest tonight. Sending prayers your way from Omaha.

  7. Prayers for the most precious child I have ever met and the toughest. She is such a fighter

  8. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you love and hugs from our family

  9. Praying for Eme and for you and your entire family! We know what a fighter she is!!!! With our love – Bob & Jan

  10. Erika, first let me say I still think you’re an amazing parent for the love and support you give to Emme. I remember the first time Emme came to Kilmer PE. I was a hot mess with worry as we’re you. Emme was calm, cool, and excited for the opportunity to play. She did AMAZING that day and each day from there. You have provided this wonderful little person with everything her heart desires. Sometimes, her little body just needs a little rest, scary how her body makes her rest, but she’s resting and recovering. Sepsis is totally beatable. She’s got this and you have all of us holding her in the light. Give the antibotics time to work and her body to rest. You’re a strong mama and we all LOVE the LOVE you have and share with us for Emme. Lots of love to all of you.

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