Sunday morning

And here we sit… initial cultures are now growing two different organisms; the first has been identified as Klebsiella. It feels a little like the schoolyard bully has returned. Klebsiella is the organism that plagued Emerson post transplant – it accounted for one cardiac code and multiple months spent in the PICU. We haven’t seen this bug for years and, sadly, its presence explains a lot. This bug made her very sick post transplant and it has hit her hard again.

Eme has not been breathing over the vent & a trial to stimulate her failed over night. She is tired. The word this morning is that she’ll stay intubated; we’ll stop sprint trials and reassess this afternoon. She’s stable, but there is concern that we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. Her lactate (a marker of perfusion) is trending up, which is concerning, & she’s starting to retain fluid. Her kidneys have not shut down, thankfully, but urine output is lower than expected. The team is consulting with different specialists today to address her home medications – some may need to be stopped temporarily as she works through this.

Emerson has at least 100 lives and I have no doubt she’ll draw on one this time, as she has many times before. We just sit patiently now & support her as needed. Thank you for your love and ongoing support.

More to come…



10 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. Cyber hugs to the White family as this summer detour plays out. My hopes are the journey to have Eme back running through sprinklers is shorter than expected, and treats you as gently as possible.

  2. Erika, I am thinking of you and your family and beautiful Emerson. I don’t know what else to say but keep holding on to the hope, but I know you are familiar with that

  3. Just saw the new post this morning, Sunday. Prayers continue for this special, special little girl…and mother.
    Annette W

  4. Hoping that Miss Eme – and each of you – can feel the love, support, wishes and hugs coming from all corners of this planet. Bring on more of those 100 lives she has yet to experience, and hopefully her medical team can find ways soon to conquer these bugs that want to take her energy.


  5. Many prayers and positive thoughts for precious Emerson and her family.

  6. So very sorry to see this news about Eme. I’m praying for her and your whole family. Hoping you’ll all get back to your fun summer very soon. Please give Eme my best.

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