Monday morning

It’s a new week… Ventilator support was increased over night & Emerson continues to let it do all the work – she is not spontaneously initiating breath, even when awake and agitated.

They were able to get some urine by titrating a drip overnight, but output is trending down again this morning. She has a lot of fluid building up in her little body, and it will be difficult to improve her breathing status until we eliminate the pressure it’s creating and drain it from her lungs.

The plan for today is fluid management. There will be no breathing trials and Emerson will not extubate. Instead, they’ll keep her comfortable on the vent and work towards gently correcting her fluid status. It’s a delicate balance with her DI issues, as overshooting means trouble maintaining critical electrolyte levels.

Infection markers are heading in the right direction with the exception of lactate, which has been elevated and fluctuating for a few days. All signs, though, are that we have a handle on the infection and now just need to support her through the fallout of septic shock. It could be a challenge, but she’s done it before and will do it again – in her own perfect way and time…

9 thoughts on “Monday morning

  1. Praying for the infection to get under control and for fluid levels to decrease. You are all amazingly strong…hang in there…

  2. I woke up with you two on my mind. I can’t imagine being in your shoes right now. You both are warriors!
    I hope this day gives some comfort and much love.

  3. Thank goodness the infections are more under control. I hope the other factors improve through the next 24 hours. As you said, Eme WILL do it….and in her own time and her own way. Thanks for the updates(s). You have to be sooo tired! Prayers always for all of you…..

  4. Prayers coming to you from Arkansas. She’s one tough cookie. I just wish she didn’t have to keep proving it to us over and over! Thank you for the updates and the opportunity to pray for you all! . I know it’s not easy to write about, especially when you have just lived it!!!

  5. Sweet Eme the miracle girl and Super Mommy Erika can do this! I’m so sad that you are back in this familiar territory, but your prayer warriors are on hand to provide strength, comfort, healing and wisdom to all involved in Emerson’s recovery.

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